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The House at the Bridge on has a web page describing The House at the Bridge where you can also order the book. Copies of the book are available through

Architecture and Landscape

Architectures for Steam
During the time of the construction of the Villa, the Prussian aristocracy was fascinated by the British Empire and the beginning of the industrial revolution. As a result the gardens of the new castles included buildings for demonstration steam engines. M. Norton Wise has written a fascinating article on Architectures for Steam.

Links about the Author

An interview with Katie Hafner on
Katie discusses her three books and how she writes.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late
A very interesting site about Where Wizards Stay Up Late which is Katie Hafner's most recent book. The site contains many interesting images from the history of computing and the early ARPAnet.

ARPA - Kadabra
A site about the German edition of Where Wizards Stay Up Late. The German book is entitled ARPA - Kadabra.

NY Times Bio (Registration required)
A brief but witty biography of NY Times writer Katie Hafner.

RealAudio Interview at Ann Online
This Ann Online page contains a picture of the authors ofWhere Wizards Stay Up Late, a brief biography, and links to a RealAudio interview.

Berlin & Potsdam

Recent pictures of the Villa and the Bridge
Timothy J. Norton visited Potsdam in December of 1997 and took a series of photographs of the Villa and the Glienicke Bridge He also has photographs from an earlier visit to the former East Germany on-line and photographs from a later visit. to places including Colditz and the Polish border.

Berlin Travel

Travel to Berlin and Potsdam
See our tips on and recommendations on the Travel to Berlin and Potsdam page.

Hotels in Berlin-Zehlendorf
On our recent visit we stayed at Haus Leopold, a wonderful, family-run hotel convenient to both Berlin and Potsdam. WannseeBlick is quite close to the House at the Bridge and has a wonderful view of the Wannsee.

Stadtplandienst Glienicker Bruecke
If you follow this link, you will be presented with a map of the area around the Glienicke Bridge and Schwanenallee where the Villa is located. The Stadtplandienst allows you to type in any street address in Berlin and will then present a map centered on that address. On a 14.4 modem you have to wait a minute or two for the maps to load but the maps are worth it.

Excite Travel : Berlin
Solid extensive Berlin travel information.

Berlin and Prague
Phillip Greenspun's decidedly different travelogue of Berlin. Phillip visits parts of Berlin you might not have considered until you read this.

The DDR - East Germany

East Berlin City Guide:

This remains from the GDR:

Eastern German Studies Group

The Glienicker Brücke

Bridge of Unity / Bridge of Spies:

Modern German History

Lectures for the History of Modern Germany
A directory of the complete set of lectures on Modern German History of Professor Gerhard Rempel of Western New England College.

German government

Glienicker Brücke postage stamp
Deutsche Post stamp issued to commemorate the Glienicker Brücke:

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