The Berlin Wall

For 28 years, the Berlin Wall stood across a narrow cobble-stoned street from the Villa Wallich. The opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 brought major changes to the lives of the people of The House at the Bridge.

The villa before the fall of the Berlin Wall, with the famous Wall dominating the photo. You can see how close the wall was to the house. View a larger version (35K) Picture of the Berlin Wall just in front of the Villa
A small photograph of the Berlin Wall the night it came down. Architecture student Dirk Heydemann was at the Wall the night it came down... View a larger version (26K)

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Berlin Wall Basics:

When was the Berlin Wall built ? (Started) 13 Aug 1961
When did the Berlin Wall crack ? (Start to fall ?) 9 Nov 1989

Historical Irony:

Why was the Berlin Wall constructed?
Too many East Germans were going West.

Why did the Berlin Wall fall?
Too many East Germans were going West.


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