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Katie Hafner has studied German literature and culture and has lived in Germany. Now a contributing editor at Newsweek, she has written for Business Week, The New York Times, The New Republic, Working Woman, and Wired. She is the coauthor of Cyberpunk a widely acclaimed book about computer hackers. A resident of Austin, Texas, she is currently at work on her third book.

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Katie is currently writing for the The New York Times. Her current NY Times Bio (Free Registration required)

Recent Articles by Katie Hafner

A Paternity Dispute Divides Net Pioneers
November 8, 2001
A dispute is churning around credit for a modern scientific breakthrough: packet switching. Few people have heard of packet switching, much less its origins, but the Internet wouldn't work without it.

Privacy's Guarded Prognosis
March 1, 2001
With more medical records stored on computer networks, whose eyes will see them?
Sidebar: Protecting Privacy: Think Twice, Then Ask Questions

Internet Age Becomes the Dark Age
February 8, 2001
In an increasingly wired world, blackouts can mean the destruction of computer data, the cutting off of any kind of Internet connection, even physical damage to computers.

A New Way of Verifying Old and Familiar Sayings
February 1, 2001
Relying on electronic databases and online resources, Fred Shapiro is creating his own compendium of notable sayings and phrases that he hopes will compete with Bartlett's Quotations.

Web Sites Begin to Self Organize
January 18, 2001
An emerging class of self-organizing Web sites are demonstrating that with a dab or two of well-written code and a bit of careful planning, a site can take a random collection of links or posts and turn them into a sophisticated, adaptive system.

Digital Photos: Easy to Take, Tough to Take Care Of
January 4, 2001
The popularity of digital cameras has created a new problem: how to store all those pictures.

Earlier Articles by Katie Hafner

Technology Boom Too Tempting for Many Government Scientists
September 19, 2000
The technology boom has made the lure of the private sector so strong that national research laboratories are losing their best and brightest in growing numbers.


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