Sites that link to The House at the Bridge

Toms Currywurst-Surftouren
An excellent page of currywurst links.

Berlin Wall Links from Berliner Mauer
Heiko Burkhardt has a great new site "Berlin Wall Online." - Specials 2000 Germany
From a series of special articles on Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

the nutlog
He says of THatB: "A real find, IMHO.". Who are we to argue.
We made the homework notes for Mrs. Gearhart's at Severna Park High School. (Some other good links here also.)

The Year the Wall Came Down(1)
Radio Nederlands is running a series of articles on the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The Year the Wall Came Down(2)
The Collapse of the Wall - How It Was - Berlin, Germany May 1999
Berlin - a city, a wall, a lifestyle -- a very interesting travel essay by Kirsten Reynolds.

CBC Newsworld Flashback -- Berlin Wall
A links page from a Canadian television retrospective on the Berlin Wall.

Paul Wallich -- The Old Country
Paul Wallich writes about his childhood summers spent in the Lahn valley of Germany.

Chris De Witt's Berlin Wall Website
Chris De Witt provides an in-depth collection of photographs of the Berlin Wall and personal essays concerning its history. An excellent research site for anyone interested in the Berlin Wall.

The vanishing Wall
The Wall is disappearing from Berlin. One of the last remaining sections of the Wall is known as the East Side Gallery. This article discusses how this last section is in danger of vanishing. (Also contains some good pictures.)

The Berlin Wall site at The Free University in Berlin
A condensed but very informative history of the Berlin Wall. An excellent starting point for learning about the Wall.

Ann Hattes -- Travel and Food Writing
Ann Hattes is the travel writer who wrote the two articles on travel to Potsdam on this site..

Recent pictures of the Villa and the Bridge
Timothy J. Norton visited Potsdam in December of 1997 and took a series of photographs of the Villa and the Glienicke Bridge

Brown University -- German department
A links page for students of the German language. A valuable collection of links to learn about German and Germany.

Thomas Blees: Glienicker Brücke - Ausufernde Geschichten
Thomas Blees is the author of a history of the Glienicke Bridge.

Article in The New York Times
An article by Katie Hafner about the site that appeared in the NY Times:
Net Presence: If No One Sees a Web Site, Is It Really There?
[You will have to complete a free NY Times registration to read the article.]


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