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The House at the Bridge: The Berlin Wall
Visit our Berlin Wall page for pictures of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Building the Berlin Wall

CNN Cold War Berlin Wall episode
The ninth episode in the CNN Cold War series covers the Berlin Crisis from 1958 to 1963 including the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

August 15, 1961 at the Brandenburg Gate
On the third day of construction of the Berlin Wall, it consists of a thin strand of barbed wire at the Brandeburger Tor. Between the columns, you can see a variety of military vehicles. It is a JPEG image (527x593 pixels) about 39K. Copyright The Deutsches Historisches Museum.

History of the Berlin Wall

Chris De Witt's Berlin Wall Website
Chris De Witt provides an in-depth collection of photographs of the Berlin Wall and personal essays concerning its history. An excellent research site for anyone interested in the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall site at The Free University in Berlin
A condensed but very informative history of the Berlin Wall. An excellent starting point for learning about the Wall.

A wedding toast with the wall as a backdrop
This is a great image which also gives a detailed view of the defenses behind the wall. It is a JPEG image (610x536 pixels) about 55K. Copyright The Deutsches Historisches Museum.

Excellent background material on the Wall from Professor Gerhard Rempel of Western New England College
The Berlin Wall
The Second Economic Miracle
The Wall Cracks

Berlin Wall Photo Exhibition by the Realschule - Renningen
Many excellent and interesting photographs of the Berlin Wall by the students of the Realschule - Renningen who visited Berlin in 1988.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

A fascinating personal essay on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Contains good background material on the creation of the wall and what caused its collapse.

The Berlin Wall as seen by Alex Butel/46 Infantry Rgmt
This site contains a lot of great pictures of the Berlin Wall but they are easy to miss. Scroll down the main page until you are just below two pictures of the wall. There is a table with small yellow buttons before each entry. Click on the buttons to go to the picture pages.

Chipping Away
Excellent photograph of people chipping away at the Berlin Wall with hammer and chisel. (69K)

The Berlin Wall Today

DDR - Aktion Wiederaufbau der Mauer
Rebuild the Wall (bring along your sense of humor.)

The vanishing Wall
The Wall is disappearing from Berlin. One of the last remaining sections of the Wall is known as the East Side Gallery. This article discusses how this last section is in danger of vanishing. (Also contains some good pictures.)

Rare species thrive in Berlin Wall's shadow
It sounds so absurd, but the Berlin Wall made the area known as the death strip a treasure trove for botanists and biologists....

Feelings are Running High About Berlin's East Side Gallery
Should it be torn down or preserved?

More Berlin Wall Pictures

Photos by James LeBlanc
Photos of Berlin and the Berlin Wall. Don't miss the Before and After pictures.

Eastside Gallery Photos
Beautiful photographs of the East Side Gallery. The East Side Gallery is one of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. Artists were invited to paint segments of the Wall. Bart Hasselfield took these photos in 1990 when the paintings were at their best.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Weekend After
Frederik Ramm travelled to Berlin the day after the Wall opened and took many photographs of the area around the Brandenburg Gate. Complete list of Frederik's images

Other related links
Many other links related to The House at the Bridge. Including DDR (East Germany), Berlin & Potsdam and German history.


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